Ultra Aviation Services provides a full range of flight operations and dispatching. Our FAA licensed dispatchers can release flights, provide flight plans, weight & balance, weather packages, communication with aircraft with VHF radio, send and receive messages by SITA, fax and/or e-mail.

Our operations agents supervise the loading of the aircraft and provide a full briefing to the crew prior to departure. Communications is enhanced by the use of walkie-talkies throughout flight operation with all departments.

Full flight coordination with fueler, caterers, government and airport authorities and carriers flight control.

Services Include:

  • Load Control
  • Communications
  • Flight Operations & Coordination
  • Customs Control / General Declarations
  • Documentation Handling
  • Flight Briefings
  • Meteorological and Aeronautical Information
  • Airside Coordination and Supervision
  • Fuel Supplier Liason
  • Catering Service Liason
  • Airside Coordination and Supervision
  • Others, as requested.