Security Services

Ultra Aviation Services, Inc. is a Florida-licensed security guard company, with a permit to provide security at Miami International Airport, created to enhance airport security with a customer services approach.

Ultra Security Services provides a security package which complies with all the pre-required security procedures for the handling of flight operations, including:

  • baggage make-up functions
  • pre- and post-flight aircraft search of passenger cabin, bins,
    cargo hold and bathrooms
  • supervision of cleaning crews and maintenance personnel
  • proper authorization of ramp and ground crews
  • clearance of sealed, numbered catering containers
  • check point control
  • other, as requested.

In addition to key aircraft security tasks, Ultra Security personnel are also trained to provide excellent control and support for passenger functions. Ultra Security provides unarmed security guards to escort passengers baggage from bag rooms to aircraft and during loading procedures to prevent pilferage. These services are provided after T.S.A. (Transportation Security Agency) has cleared bags for flight.